KING, QUEEN AND PAWNS: Movie reviews of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Song of the Sea and Timbuktu by Howard Casner

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kingsmanKingsman: The Secret Service, the latest entry in a comic book franchise, this one with an espionage theme, is, in many ways, an impressive and handsomely made movie.

From a technical perspective, it’s incredibly well done with the best costumes, sets, and music money can buy. It doesn’t stint and there is nothing in this film that is an old piece of tat or is cheap as chips.

The acting is also first rate, raiding the cupboards as it does for the actors who are left who managed to not appear in The Lord of the Rings or The Harry Potter series.

And it has some beautifully well staged and directed second unit scenes of carefully, even wittily, choreographed episodes of extreme violence.

In many ways, those who like these sort of studio type tent pole films will probably find it hard to carp at anything they see.

So why did I find the whole thing dispiriting and extremely depressing?

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