IT’S A DISASTER: Movie Reviews of 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Wave by Howard casner

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rev 110 Cloverfield Lane is a somewhat awkward mating of two genres: the women in danger film (aka, a female thriller) and an alien invasion film.

What’s so surprising is that despite the clunkiness of said mating, the movie is very enjoyable and more or less works on its own terms.

The basic premise here revolves around a young woman who leaves her boyfriend for reasons unknown and on her way to wherever it is she is going, if she’s actually going somewhere, her car is broadsided and goes over the side of the road. She loses consciousness only to wake up in an underground bunker replete with a conspiracy theorist who claims that America has been attacked and they may be the only survivors.

Is he crazy? Is he telling the truth? Or is he both? Read the rest of this entry »