FANTASTIC VOYAGES: Movie Reviews of Arrival, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Moana by Howard Casner

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rev-1I think their might be a competition for the use of the geekiest hero in thrillers these days.

In the movie The Da Vinci Code, Tom Hanks plays a symbologist who races to uncover a mystery in order to save Christianity and the Catholic Church.

Now we have the film Arrival in which Amy Adams is a linguist who is called in to save the world from a possible alien attack.

What’s next? A philatelist? A trademark attorney?

The basic premise of Arrival revolves around a group of spacecraft that suddenly appear and hover above the earth in twelve different locations. In order to try to communicate with them and discover why they are here and what they want, they bring in Louise Banks (Adams), a college professor, someone who, it seems safe to say, is just a bit out of touch with her fellow man-the day after the craft arrive she comes in to teach her class and seems a little put out that no one else showed up. Read the rest of this entry »