HERMAN MELVILLE IN A SUB and CHECKOV IN TURKEY: Movie reviews of Black Sea and Winter Sleep by Howard Casner

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black seaAfter WWII, Germany was being fought over by the Western Powers (England, France and the U.S.) and the Russians. They ended up splitting the country in half, in a riff on that Solomon and baby thing.

In Black Sea, a new action film written by Dennis Kelly and directed by Kevin McDonald, cold war politics come back to haunt the characters as a submarine crew made up of equal parts British and Russian go on the hunt for some Nazi gold with the goal of splitting it between the two.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Before I continue, I should reemphasize how I start these reviews: Warning: SPOILERS.

I feel I should do this because there will be spoilers. My god, will there be spoilers, spoilers galore. They will flow like the River Nile and spray the canvas like the drops flung forth from a fighter’s broken nose during a Mixed Martial Arts bout.

They will flow because I found the plot to Black Sea to be one of the most preposterous ones I’ve come across in some time. Read the rest of this entry »