@#%!!&# Movie Reviews of Bad Words and On My Way by Howard Casner

BW1312.CR2It’s easy to see why Jason Bateman wanted to make Bad Words, the new Bad Santa clone written by new comer Andrew Dodge and directed by and starring Mssr. Bateman.  It’s a solid vehicle to show off his middle brow, laid back talents and he certainly makes the most of it.  He wears the role like a comfy old sweater owned since college that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of, complete with impeccable comic timing.
It’s also a very entertaining movie.  It’s witty and clever and never boring.  It’s often a ton of fun.  It’s very well crafted.
In fact, it’s so well made that it’s quite easy to overlook the fact that it’s really quite a terrible, terrible film.  Read the rest of this entry »