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CAGE MATCH!… Review by: Donald McKinney

Caaaan You Dig It?! That’s the question I’m asking myself over and over as I’ve just finished this book. With a peppering of humor, a large dash of exaggerated forms, and a pinch animated violence, Cage mixes into a mildly-amusing adventure baked into a 70’s flashback story.

Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of  the hit show Samurai Jack, busts out his tiara, and chains, moving Cage back into the 70’s, where apparently times were much much simpler. As the story opens, we are quickly introduced to what Luke Cage is all about…bustin heads, and crackin wise. We get a quick snipit about how he is who he is, and why he does what he does, but that’s where the exposition stops.  The story moves fast as heroes are disappearing, and Cage quickly jumps in on the hunt to find out why. Villians, out for Cages blood, see this as the perfect opportunity to strike, and menace,and mayhem quickly ensue. Ultimately, what we get is a light-hearted jab at the 70’s culture with no real substance, and only a little flair (Yes, I’m referring to his costume.).

The Rumble: Not enough to pull you in, buy it on the “half-off” rack. 



captain america 2 rumble

Steve Rogers: Captain America #2

Review by: Kyle Scully

Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz’s STEVE ROGERS CAPTAIN AMERICA #2 continues to delve deeper into the controversial ending that made a lot of people mad last month. This issue plays like a history lesson, explaining how the Red Skull manipulated pretty much everything to do with Kobik and Pleasant Hill. Spencer brings out the Red Skull’s personality in some creative ways as the despot gloats proudly details the lengths he went into breathing life into his ultimate masterpiece. Aside from some awkward faces and what looks like a number of broken noses, Saiz draws some terrific panels to compliment the story. The main issue with this book is that, while it tells an exciting backstory, it fails to move the real story forward in any meaningful way.

The Rumble: Buy This One.

Civil_War_II_Vol_1_3_Textless rumble

Civil War II #3

Review by: Kyle Scully

A hero dies. A riveting moment followed by several stagnant pages of a trial whose ending is neither compelling nor clear. This issue is Bendis at his most Bendis, with pages and pages of dialogue that panders mostly to the writer’s own self-indulgence without ever making any strong narrative headway. The art is sufficient but forgoes any memorable splash pages in favor of countless talking heads. An issue you could skip even if you are reading this main Civil War title.

The Rumble: Buy only to complete the set.

Sleigher rumble

Sleigher #1

Review by: Kyle Scully

SLEIGHER #1 is a strong first issue. The book instills the right amount of crass humor and visual gags to keep you interested never resorting to a stream of one-note jokes or poorly conceived bathroom humor. The lead character drinks, fights evil and gets ready for his first Christmas as Santa without ever missing a beat. Add on some outlandishly cartoon art and a breakneck ending and you’ve got a book that demands you come back next month.

The Rumble: Buy this if silly fun is up your alley!

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