Blue Beetle Comic

Tiny Ted Is….BACK!

























Blue Beetle Blue Man
















It’s Here….The Beginning:

The origin of a Rumblespoon original character…

Dr. Hypnovert!!!!


 Page 1 of: It came from SPACE!

Page 2

Page 3


Page 5

Page 6


Page 7


Page 8


Page 9


Page 10


Page 11



Page 12


Page 13



Part 14


Part 15


part 16

Dr Hypnovert 17


Part 17

Dr Hy_Panel18 (2) copy


Part 18

Dr Hy_Panel19 copy




A Taste Of What’s To Come!





Part 1 of: I am the night

Part 2

Part 3

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!!

Part 1 of: Ted Kord In: Choco Full of Holiday Spirit!


Part 2

Part 3


Part 4

Part 1 of: Ted Kord In: A Very Blue Christmas!

part 2

Part 1 of: Another rough day at the office!

Part 2

 part 3

part 4


part 5

As submissions come in, we will start showcasing pieces of comic art from fans of Blue Beetle.

Here is our first one from Al M. Arellano….way to go Al!!!!

 Another fan piece from Al M. Arellano…..AMAZING!!!

 Al M. Arellano has done it again!!!

A Taste of what’s to come…More action, More thrills, More humor, and


Another sample of what we’re cookin up!

Part 1


Part 2

Part 3


Part 4

 Part 5


7 Comments on “Blue Beetle Comic”

  1. G says:

    These need to come out more often!

  2. Dash 220 says:

    Pretty cool strip. Icing on the cake with the latest info on DC. Thanks for sharing guys.


  3. Dash 220 says:

    Awesome new strip. I’m liking the artists.


  4. bTrilogy says:

    You guys are doing an awesome job on these comics. Can’t wait to see more.

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