Established in 2010 by a core group of dedicated artists and professionals in the industry. Looking below, you’ll notice a wide diversity of artistic craft, from reality television to feature films, modeling, editing, directing and art design.

You can contact us at dmckinney@rumblespoon or kingspoon@rumblespoon

Donald McKinney
Founder of Rumblespoon Productions, Donald Mckinney was born and raised in the woods of Ohio, only to move to the Urban Jungle of Los Angeles. With a BA in Acting and a PHD in BS he’s been able to slowly work his way up the food chain from Restaurants and theaters to short films and web series.
Darin Munnell
Is a graduate of Youngstown State University and been involved in entertainment for almost 12 years. His first job was hanging lights for a Christina Aguilera concert. Darin has performed in such movies as Iron Man, Knight and Day, National Treasure 2, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. He also has appeared on the shows Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Defenders. Darin is an a avid sports fan and currently working on producing a few theatrical films. He is a very proud contributor to Rumblespoon Productions.
St. Merrique
Has been in performing arts for over 20 years. She has the drive and the dream to share the love of the arts. Member of Dhatura, a two man band, and a successfully self-managed traveling art model. Merrique was raised in southern California but is well in touch with her Ghanese, Indian, and Caucasian French culture. She is now working toward her Bachelors’ in music Production and Audio Engineering. her goal is to run her own independent record label as well as compose various art movie soundtrack for new experiences and journeys in the entertainment Industry. Favorite quote (from Cowboy BeBop): “See you in space, Cowboy.”
Dennis Luciani

Dennis is an adult that still likes to have fun.  It was his fun personality that was brought to the attention of the producers of NBC’s Average Joe season #1.  Dennis went on to be the 10th (out of 16) eliminated “Joe” left on the quest to win a place at Melana’s side.

The exposure from Average Joe has led to many appearances on talk shows, numerous charity events, and small roles in 3 National Lampoon movies.  The latest is Van Wilder 3: Freshman Year that can be seen on Comedy Central.

Jason Brown

Jason Brown has been working in all facets of the industry since he arrived in Los Angeles in 2004. He moved from Idaho, where he studied journalism, video production, and theatre at the University of Idaho. He spent his last year of college on exchange at Cal State Northridge, where he took more advanced courses in producing and directing. Since graduating, Jason has worked as a director, an editor, a director of photography, and as an actor in both fictional narrative and documentary films and television.

Louie Castillo
Louie Castillo has been doing art design for many years now. From posters to dvd covers to comic strips, he is a consummate professional, always striking a medium balance of quality, quantity and precision.http://www.coroflot.com/lcdesign
Christopher Turner

Christopher D. Turner grew up in Saginaw, Mi, and began acting at the early age of 10. He received his BFA in acting from The University of Hartford, and spent a semester in England studying with members of the RSC in a 10 week Shakespeare Intensive course.

Over the past few years he has appeared in two feature films: “A Midsummer Nights Dream”, a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic, and one he wrote called “Drug Money”. He has been in numerous short films, on such TV shows as “Men of a Certain Age”, “Operation Repo”, and “1000 Ways to Die”, and has played “Touchstone” in The Redland Shakespeare Festival’s production of “As You Like It” He can most recently be seen in the Webseries “Girl Repellent.”

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  1. Andrew Zar says:

    I rather enjoyed this About Us page, well done. Having Merrique here is quite a draw, I look forward to what your gang has in store!


  2. Brock says:

    Never said this to you but im proud of you buddy, Im glad you have never given up, whatever life gave you always took it head on and never let anything get you down.

    See you in the summer

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